• New Studies Reveal That the Brain May Still be Working, up to 10 Minutes After Death

New Study Suggests That the Brain is Still Active 30-Minutes After Death

Doctor: Please record the time of death.

Nurse: When would that be? From now, or 30 minutes from now?

Brain death is a legal definition of death. It is the complete stopping of all brain function and cannot be reversed. It means that, because of extreme and serious trauma or injury to the brain, the body’s blood supply to the brain is blocked, and the brain dies. Brain death is death. It is permanent… or is it!

As technology and our understanding of the human body continues to evolve, new studies are being done to essentially check to see if what we know is accurate, and in some instances, we’ve been proven wrong.

My own personal ‘Hunch’ is that our ‘life energy’ continues far longer than the 10-minutes that they are now thinking. Our perception of time when I dream is also misaligned. When I’m dreaming, I often think I’ve been dreaming for an hour or more, when in fact, it’s a small portion of that. I believe the same is true when you’re brain dead (medically dead). Time is compounded to such an extent that 1-minute in this consciousness, is many years in the subconsciousness, which some would call, the afterlife; so if 10-minutes were accurate, then compounded, this could mean 100’s or thousands of years. Now that’s assuming that time exists, which it doesn’t, so lets just leave it there… at least until I have a few hours to try and put thoughts to coherent words.

Doctors in a Canadian intensive care unit have stumbled on a very strange case – when life support was turned off for four terminal patients, one of them showed persistent brain activity even after they were declared clinically dead.

For more than 10 minutes after doctors confirmed death through a range of observations, including the absence of a pulse and unreactive pupils, the patient appeared to experience the same kind of brain waves (delta wave bursts) we get during deep sleep. And it’s an entirely different phenomenon to the sudden ‘death wave‘ that’s been observed in rats following decapitation.

The study: Electroencephalographic Recordings During Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Therapy Until 30 Minutes After Declaration of Death is still ongoing. They concluded that in a case series of four patients, EEG inactivity preceded electrocardiogram and ABP inactivity during the dying process in three patients. Further study of the electroencephalogram during the withdrawal of life sustaining therapies will add clarity to medical, ethical, and legal concerns for donation after circulatory determined death.

Obviously this new finding will have to have more tests done. Imagine the uproar if it were found that people were declared dead, when in fact, they weren’t. They would argue that there was no coming back, but that is based on our knowledge, understanding and current technology.


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